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Blackjack is a card game which is played between several players against the dealer, with at least one deck of 52 cards and a maximum of 8 decks. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer without exceeding 21 points, which means that you must achieve a score higher than the dealer's point, but also no higher than 21.

    Do you fancy playing a table game with very good odds that also offers a lot of excitement? If your answer is yes, then blackjack may be the right game for you. This popular table game and its variants are available at many online casinos, and blackjack players are currently being pampered in the variety of bonuses and promotions. In this article, we describe the rules of playing blackjack and explain how to play blackjack online step by step.

    Playing live blackjack at an online casino is a great experience. Here you can face a real dealer without leaving your home. Sit on a comfortable armchair in the comfort of your home and play this incredibly exciting game on your computer, iPad or even phone, if you wish.

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    How To Play Blackjack Online?

    BlackjackBlackjack players receive two cards that can be dealt face down or face up depending on the table. Then they can draw more cards to improve their score. The value of the hand is equal to the sum of the individual cards, with cards with values ​​from 2 to 9 having the same value as stated on the card. Cards with a value of 10, jack, king and queen figures have a value of 10. The most valuable card in this game is an ace, which can have a value of 1 or 11, depending on the player.

    Then the players bet before the dealer gives them two cards. Then the turn of the dealer, who draws 2 cards for himself, one of which is dealt face up. If the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, players must select the “insurance” option before the dealer reveals his hole card. This is an additional bet where the dealer has blackjack that pays 2: 1 to make up for the loss of the original bet.

    Blackjack – Player Options

    Here are the options that are usually available to players before the dealer reveals his card:

    Blackjack - Player Options

    • Stand: (also known as stick or stay): The player decides not to draw more cards.
    • Hit: the player draws another card. If this causes the player’s total points to exceed 21, he loses the game.
    • Double: the player doubles his bet and receives one more card.
    • Split: If the player’s first 2 cards have the same value, he can separate his cards into two individual hands and double the stake. The dealer will deal a second card to pair with each card. Then the player can choose hit, stand or double.
    • Surrender: If the game offers this option, the player can place half of his bet from the pot instead of his own funds.

    After each player plays his turn and makes a decision, the dealer will reveal his card face down. If the dealer has a score of 16 points or less, he draws another card. When the dealer has an ace of 11 and any cards that add up to six points, this is known as “soft 17”, it may be required, stand, or hit if the casino has implemented soft 17 as one of the rules.

    If the dealer’s cards exceed 21 points, any player who has not won yet wins. If the dealer does not lose, the winner is the one who scores higher points than other players/player and the dealer.

    Blackjack Game – Step By Step

    Now that you have learned the rules of blackjack and are ready to start playing, remember that many online casinos offer the opportunity to play blackjack and other table games for free before playing for real money to help you understand the secrets of the game. Here’s what you need to do to start playing blackjack online today:

    1. welcome bonusClick the links on this page to move to one of the reputable online casinos.
    2. Make sure you create a casino account to take advantage of their attractive welcome bonus.
    3. Head to the casino table games section to select a Blackjack game.
    4. Check the limit: almost all tables will indicate the minimum and maximum bet you can place.
    5. Choose the bet amount.
    6. Deal the cards, look at the dealer’s face-up card and click hit, stand or double, which is usually at the bottom of the screen.
    7. Click the split button if you have two identical cards, if you want to double your bet and your chance of winning.
    8. Check the cards that the dealer deals. You win or lose a bet depending on the dealer’s cards.

    Blackjack Variants At Online Casinos

    RNG Blackjack

    Random Number Generator (RNG) is a complex computing device that generates random number sequences, this system is necessary for the online gaming industry, especially online gambling. RNGs have been implemented for a specific purpose to ensure total honesty and unpredictability of the formulas of playing, for example, with blackjack on the pages so that each hand and all values ​​are shown randomly each time, RNGs in this online game are designed to ensure that each Blackjack is played fairly so that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

    – Live Casino Blackjack

    While our technologies are advancing, this could also have happened with online gambling. Another option is to enable the game with a dealer, which can be viewed on the screen in real-time via video transmission, which gives the player a sense of the greater reality of gameplay on mobile devices or laptops. To protect your privacy while playing online blackjack, every Irish online casino ensures that no one will see you because only one picture will be visible, so players can feel more confident when playing online blackjack.

    – Mobile Blackjack

    Whether you’re playing for fun or for real money, both versions can be played via blackjack mobile games at your fingertips. On any smartphone, whether old or new, you can download the application or visit the casino website and enjoy playing online blackjack depending on your convenience. Mobile blackjack games have been maximally simplified in use, so when you download the application you need to create an account via your email address and you can play the way you like, and you will play the same as on the site but you will not have to visit it and play blackjack mobile games on your phone.

    – High Stake Blackjack

    If you are looking for the best online casino game in blackjack, you will win the highest stakes in the world. This version of the game exists for players who want to invest money to change their fate, but this version carries a great risk of failure, while practice and appropriate strategies are the basis of this game. The rules and gameplay are the same as in standard blackjack, with the difference that the stakes are high, you must be able to bet a large sum of money to be able to participate.

    – Low Stake Blackjack

    Fortunately, there is a completely different blackjack than the high stakes, which is a brilliant solution for many players who do not want or cannot afford to lose more money. In most blackjack games at low stakes, you can bet up to very little money so the risk is nearly non-existent! This type of blackjack gives players the opportunity to win money at small stakes, which is already a win.

    FAQ – Blackjack Guide

    - What blackjack options can I choose from online?

    The most popular options are European and US blackjack games. There are single and multi-hand games, as well as blackjack with side-bets and jackpots. Many of them also have variations on the core game, these include: Face-Up 21, Pontoon, Blackjack Surrender and Blackjack Switch, to name a few.

    Can I play blackjack on mobile?

    Absolutely! More and more Irish online casinos develop dedicated mobile apps and/or optimise their casino platforms with the mobile in mind. Thanks to this approach, Irish blackjack lovers have plenty of options when it comes to playing blackjack on their mobile devices.

    Can I play blackjack for free?

    Yes. You can enjoy a good “freebie” version of the game at many online casinos. You can also make use of the welcome bonus which will often allow you to play for free, meaning you won’t have to make a deposit and invest your own money at first.

    Are blackjack games rigged?

    No. Definitely not at legitimate casinos that we feature at! A random number generator (RNG) controls such games and determines how the cards are dealt.

    Can I beat an online blackjack game?

    Yes. It can and it can be done as a result of great strategy and luck. Take into consideration various techniques and the absolute beauty of the casino world - the very great unknown of each result!

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