Cookie Policy (the “Website”) uses cookies. A cookie is a file containing letters and numbers that we save on your device. Cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users on our site. It also allows us to provide a unique, best experience whenever you browse our website and to improve the website in general.

    How Do We Manage Cookie Files?

    By modifying your browser settings, you have an influence on how cookies will be used. In the ‘Help’ tab, you should find all the necessary information on this topic. In addition, some web browsers offer a helpful guide on how to manage and control cookies:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • Opera

    Note: For some mobile devices, it will be necessary to read the device manual to be able to fully manage cookies.

    The Way We Use Cookies

    1. The website uses cookies to obtain statistical information of a non-personal nature, such as how much time the user spends reading the content of the page, or which banner has received the most clicks. These types of technologies allow you to improve both the Website and your marketing activities and your experience on the Website. Most web browsers accept cookies as the default setting. If you delete or disagree with the acceptance of cookies, this may affect the operation of some options or services on the Website. At the same time, by accessing the website or using it, you consent to the use of cookies as explained in this policy.
    2. Cookies are primarily a piece of text information that the Website stores on your hard drive or other device used to browse websites for the sole purpose of storing data.

    The information collected by cookies is not personal (they do not contain your name and surname), however, they allow us to place advertisements and content that may be of interest to you. These can include articles, personalised advertising, and other services. Cookies are therefore used both to improve your online experience on the Website and to analyse the marketing itself.

    Your personal data, collected, for example, when setting up an account, may be extended with data collected by cookies to complete your profile.

    You can disable cookies at any time, but it will affect the displayed content of the website. It will also make your browser not adapted to your needs. Removing cookies may therefore disable your initial preferences on some websites, because it is cookies that remember them.

    Categories Of Cookie Files

    Basic cookies

    These cookies are necessary for you to be able to navigate on the website and use its features (functions), such as safe access to the website.

    Note: Blocking these cookies may prevent registration/authentication on the site and may result in some content/options on the site no longer being available.

    Performance cookies

    This type of cookies collects information about how users use the website, in particular which pages they visit most often, and whether the website displays error messages. These cookies do not collect data that allow the identification of the user. All information collected by this type of cookie is aggregate and therefore completely anonymous.

    Functional cookies

    Cookies of this type allow you to remember the choices you make, including data such as: username, website language, region you come from, and other personal settings. These cookies can also be used to remember the changes you have made: the size and font of the text, and other page elements that can be changed and adapted to your needs. These cookies are also used to provide services such as playing videos or commenting blog posts. Information collected by functional cookies can be transformed into anonymous data.

    Cookies used for personalised advertising

    Cookies of this type remember your visits to the website; website addresses that you have viewed; the games you played, the financial operations you made; and your general behaviour on the Site. These cookies are used to deliver advertisements that match your interests. They are also used to limit the time an advertisement is displayed and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies will be used by us to provide advertising that best suits your interests, and information about them may be provided by us to third parties that help us in the analysis of this data.

    Persistent/session cookies

    Session cookies are only created for the duration of the user’s visit to the Site. As soon as the user leaves the Website / closes the browser, the session cookie will be deleted. A persistent cookie remains on the user’s device and is reactivated as soon as the user visits the page again. Cookies of this type expire after a certain time (set in the file) or can be deleted manually.

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