How We Rate Online Casinos

Casino reviews posted on the website are objective and unbiased. Specialists working on the website make observations based on many factors, identical for each online casino, characteristic for this type of entertainment and gambling entities. We make sure that every online casino has an equal chance in our rankings and can show its advantages and disadvantages, without unnecessarily emphasising specific features in order to gain the advantage of a specific website.

    Online Casino RatingThe rating of online casinos is the main focus of our website. We try to analyse the quality and standards of each important criterion related to the functioning of gambling sites in an accessible and understandable way. We place a number of information useful for players in the rankings, which are to make the reader be able to accurately and quickly use the knowledge of online gambling experts.

    In order to illustrate to our readers the path our specialists take to create a reliable online casino review, we have decided to list and discuss the individual evaluation criteria we use when analysing the casino’s operation. This way, each of the Playstival observers will be able to understand our perception of the industry and determine which information is most relevant to them.

    Casino Security And Reputation

    Casino Security And ReputationThere are several important factors in the safe operation of an online casino, which not only tackle internal security schemes but also the methods of control provided by external entities. On the other hand, the assessment of a casino’s reputation is a lot of important information, gathered on the basis of in-depth research among players who are the most valuable and reliable litmus test of any casino on the web. Contrary to appearances, using certain and proven gambling sites is not obvious and easy. Every player, especially beginners, must approach this issue very carefully and deliberately. Our reviews are designed to make it easier for you to choose a good online casino and to protect the player from financial losses and disappointment.

    Online Casino Licence

    The online casino licence is the basis of its credibility in the eyes of users. The first step to checking the quality of your chosen gambling site is to make sure it is legal. What is a gambling licence? This is an official document, issued by a country’s government or regulatory body, that allows casinos to offer gambling services online. Permitting this type of activity is tantamount to meeting all the criteria of a safe internet casino and agreeing to independent and regular audits by objective control units. The experts of the website check the credibility of the licence, its validity and quality at the beginning of their acquaintance with the selected online casino.

    The most popular casinos on the web operate under licenses issued by the government of Malta, United Kingdom, Curacao, Gibraltar and Cyprus, to name a few. They impose many obligations and regulations on online casinos, and thus, verify the possibilities and goals of the website very quickly.

    Are casinos regulated by a reputable, independent player protection authority?

    In order to find online casinos that operate to the highest standards, we check how the website is verified and controlled by external entities. Regular audits, i.e. testing the casino in terms of compliance with the imposed standards, is a sign that it can be played safely and that its activity complies with the law and strict requirements. Such audits are performed by independent auditors, e.g. eCOGRA, and cannot be subject to any pressure or influence. Audited online casinos are places we recommend to our readers.

    SSL Certificate

    SSL CertificateThe SSL certificate is a guarantee that the data stored and transmitted using the internet casino algorithms will be secured against falling into the wrong hands. Every day, players send a lot of sensitive data regarding the address, document numbers, bank accounts. A good online casino must protect its customers from losing this information. To reliably evaluate the casino, we check what type of SSL certificate is used on the website. The most popular form of data protection in online casinos is the third level SSL encryption protocol. A reliable and popular protocol is issued by the reputable company Thawte.

    Games And Software

    Contemporary online casinos benefit from cooperation with many more or less recognised game and software producers. Each gambling site, thanks to a well-thought-out offer of games, can create a friendly and interesting environment that attracts players. The task of our reviews is to identify online casinos that have created a base of games based on good, proven software in the most ingenious and comfortable way for the customer.

    The information that interests us is primarily: the quality of the games, the response time to premieres, the way of operation, the comfort of playing on mobile devices, etc. Based on this information, we create an image of the casino that allows readers to assess which website will be the most appropriate for them.

    • Variety of games

    Variety of GamesA diversified assortment of games at the best casinos The varied offer of games is a big step for an online casino towards attracting many customers with different profiles. Hitting the target is not easy, so casinos decide to take various treatments. Some of them establish cooperation with the most popular game providers, others try to include as many slot machines as possible, even from less known or even novice producers. We check each online casino in terms of the quality of the game offer and keep players informed about the possibilities.

    • Free games

    Free games are a chance for the player to test the selected slot machine or just have a good time without risking money. Reputable online casinos provide customers with a free play option, which in our opinion is an excellent option for advertising individual gambling machines. Each online casino tested by us is verified in terms of providing game options in the demo version. We inform about this in our reviews to give players the opportunity to choose a place that meets their requirements as meticulously as possible. Playing for free is also an option to take advantage of free promotions and game credits, with the possibility of withdrawal. Casinos using this type of advertising treatments are the most popular places to play on the Internet.

    Game developers

    When reviewing the casino, we carefully check which game and gaming software producers are on offer. Such information is very useful for players, so we include it in the articles. The player does not have to browse many casino tabs to find out what he can play. The Playstival service stores these messages in each review and makes it available on request, just click and go to the text related to the selected service.

    Payment Methods

    online paymentThe type of payment channels offered by online casinos is a benchmark of quality for many players. It is for this reason that we analyse this aspect of online casino activity very carefully and review it in our articles. We give casino customers the chance to choose the best, fastest and safest money transfer options. We evaluate many factors regarding the comfort of transferring funds to a player’s balance and to an external wallet or bank account. Modern and reliable payment methods of performing online transactions are the basis of the functioning of reputable online casinos.

    Welcome Bonus And Promotions

    The bonus is the issue that arouses the greatest interest among players, so much so that there are occasions when a fairly average casino becomes very popular thanks to an interesting bonus program. With great commitment, we track websites which promotion offer is most beneficial for customers. Our reviews of online casinos largely contain analyses of the bonuses of individual websites in order to be able to make players aware of what to expect after registration. You do not need to create an account and read the tedious regulations – articles on the Playstival website are a treasury of up-to-date knowledge about promotions in online casinos.

    Mobile Casino

    Statistics show that over 90% of players who regularly use online casinos have logged into the gaming site at least once via a mobile device. Most of these people play mobile regularly, even every day. It is important that the design and technological solutions of the gambling portal should be compatible with modern operating systems of phones or tablets and allow for free play anywhere and anytime.

    Frequently asked questions

    What deposit/withdrawal methods are available?

    The key information for the player is the type of proposed transfer methods. Not every online casino customer decides to choose only from the proposed methods. In most situations, the player is looking for casinos that offer channels that are most comfortable for him/her. So it's safe to say that the type of deposit and withdrawal methods offered can be the determining factor when choosing a specific casino. Our top-rated gambling services offer deposits and withdrawals via card payments, wallets, vouchers, cryptocurrencies, bank accounts, payment gateways and many more. We carefully check the quantity, quality and standards of the chosen methods, presenting the readers with every detail that may interest them.

    How fast can I deposit/withdraw funds?

    The timing of transactions is of great importance for players and has a direct impact on the online casino rating. We are well aware that the services that offer quick deposits and instant withdrawals are the most appreciated. In the second place, customers put casinos whose service processes payouts in a maximum of a few hours - this is the largest group of websites. Mistrust is placed on casinos that are unable to transfer funds even within a few days. The reviews on our website always contain information about the processing time of deposits and withdrawals. We include them among the key factors expanding knowledge about the gambling site. We try to familiarise the recipients of our reviews with the factors that have a direct impact on the time of deposits and withdrawals so that they are able to decide for themselves which option is the most convenient for them.

    Are financial transactions safe?

    When analyzing the operation of an online casino, our team carefully looks at the issue of transaction security. We have already written about encryption protocols in this article but remember that they are crucial to the transfer process. To ensure the readers 'comfort of using the casino, we check the correctness of transactions based on players' reports. We mercilessly stigmatize and expose any irregularities in transfers, giving the lowest ratings to casinos that allow for unjustified withholding or blocking of funds. On the other hand, we highly appreciate the websites which procedures are transparent and the transactions themselves are carried out quickly and efficiently.

    What are the withdrawal and deposit limits?

    Deposit and withdrawal limits are governed by the internet casino policy. They have a great influence on the way players approach individual websites. Our observations show that casino clients are looking for low deposit limits and high withdrawal limits, which is why we score the highest points for casinos that meet this condition (among others). We review each casino's limit information and provide it for the convenience of our readers. We also carefully check all the conditions that apply when making withdrawals from the casino. We inform players about the required verifications or additional administrator requirements.

    Does the casino provide a welcome bonus?

    Each of the reviews on the site has a place to describe the welcome bonuses. We consider not only the amount of the bonus but also its form, terms of trading and many other issues related to the release of additional cash. Detailed information is provided by in-depth research and cooperation with customer service employees of individual online casinos. We use knowledge straight from the source - without intermediaries and without creative, online interpretations, often erroneous or superficial. We provide knowledge about the type of bonus - no registration, no deposit, cashback, or tournament tickets. We also evaluate its availability, informing players what conditions must be met to get the bonus.

    What are the conditions for receiving the bonus?

    The online casino rating is also influenced by the bonus conditions. What does it mean? Experts working at analyses the clauses regarding turnover and the possibility of making withdrawals from bonus funds. We rate the highest offers with low turnover and simple operation. Maximum points are awarded to no deposit bonuses, high deposit bonuses and easy-to-redeem and handle gifts for players. We check whether the bonus is easily available, whether it requires the use of codes or contact with the casino staff. We pay attention to such information as: restrictions on a single spin, amount of turnover, the maximum payout, or a requirement to trade on a specific slot or machine of a specific provider.

    Is there a mobile version of the website?

    In our reviews, the player will find information about the casino offering a mobile version of the website, adapted to the small diagonals of the screens of mobile devices. That is not all - we also carefully analyze the reception quality of a specific casino via the browser on your smartphone and check how mobile functions work for various gaming, deposit and other activities. A good and functional website in the mobile version is already a standard in modern online casinos. Our experts know it very well, which is why they efficiently compare the nuances such as page and game loading speed, the type of shortcuts used for individual options and, of course, the graphic appearance.

    Does the casino have its own mobile app?

    A functional mobile application is another step that a casino should take to provide players with the greatest possible comfort of using online gambling services. Unfortunately, not every website decides to use this solution. In articles describing individual casinos, we mention mobile applications, paying special attention to websites that have decided to offer players something more than just the option of playing through the browser. We evaluate the quality of the application, provide information on which systems it is compatible with and what can be expected after downloading it to mobile devices.

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